One of my absolute favorite days as a kid was May Day!  The hours spent on creating just the right basket, the doorbell ringing and then running as fast as you could to the tree in front of the neighbors' house...because there is no way anyone can see the bright colors of 80's clothing peeking through the tree branches. whatever  May Day was just plain fun but I'm wondering if this is another childhood tradition that is gone?  If so...all of the kids from the 80's and 90's should shed a tear and help spread this new invention of May Day!

Families are pretty busy today compared to the 80's and 90's when I was a kid.  I played outside every night and came home when my Swatch Watch said it was time to go home for supper.  I don't remember sports overtaking my schedule as a kid until summer swim lessons or when my brother played baseball on Saturdays.  High school was a different story and sports were part of my life every day, but I wasn't passing out May Day baskets in high school either.

So many traditions that I had as a kid seem to be disappearing today.  No more drive-in movies, The Muppet Show on Friday night, and TV trays...all gone.  Some of the 80's fashion is starting to come back (which I have no idea why!) but so far the hairstyles have stayed away...thank goodness.

We are busy today and even at my house, I don't think we can make May Day baskets happen this afternoon because we just aren't going to be home.  So...I chatted with my co-workers, James Rabe, and Dunken, and we came up with a plan so our May Day tradition can continue even in our busy worlds.  Click to view The Virtual May Day Basket!

Send this to your neighbors through any of your social media connections!  Childhood friends that you used to play marbles and jarts with...and remind them how awesome May Day was back "in the day"!

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