Buying clothes that fit right is already challenging enough. Imagine your favorite stores didn't sell clothes for your kids. That is not uncommon among those with children in wheelchairs or with developmental needs.

My cousin has epilepsy and is wheelchair bound. I asked her parents how they make it work. They told me they have to do a lot of online shopping. They struggle to find pants large enough to fit over her diaper but still be the right length. The biggest frustration for them, however, are shoes. Little miss Emily has leg braces, and finding shoes to fit over them is darn near impossible. Fortunately, Kohl's hears these frustrations, and are trying to make shopping a little easier.

They just announced that their new adaptive clothing line that was added to their three largest, private-label kids’ brands - Jumping Beans, SO and Urban Pipeline. The adaptive options will be available in all sizes from baby all the way to juniors and young men on

With features including abdominal access and sensory-friendly and wheelchair-friendly options, the new adaptive clothing is thoughtfully designed, making stylish, quality apparel accessible to all.  - Kohl's

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