Why am I, James Rabe, a male, talking about this? Because a listener told me to.

This morning a Mandy called. A mom (two boys) she can be pretty persuasive.

"James," (never a hello, she just jumps right in), "James, have you seen the latest garbage they're throwing at Taylor Swift?" I had, but I didn't interrupt. It's a rule with me, never interrupt a good rant. "It's your favorite topic James...they're talking about her having a boob job again!"

I love talking about plastic surgery?

"No, body shaming! They shouldn't even be talking about her boobs."

Some background. Yes, I hate body shaming. I don't like it we talk so much about other bodies, good, bad, or otherwise. I believe we're all perfect right out of the gate. We may be heavy, we may need more weight, or we may be just right. That's up to each person and I hope each person cares more about what their amazing body can do than how it looks.

Hearing the internet talk, you get the impression its dough-heads that've never walked thru a woman's department before.

PS - I'm not anti-plastic surgery, I'm pro you loving yourself, being your best self, and unfailingly dedicated to being you. You want PS, get PS. Only you've lived your life. None of my business unless you ask me.

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