I have several people in my house that love Lego's.   When I say "love"...I mean, we have enough bricks to make a miniature display of downtown Rochester.  The latest news will have my boys and all Lego lovers running to the store.

Prices are dropping on the classic toy and Walmart is in on the deal.  You will see 1958 prices and a special 60th anniversary Lego set available to purchase starting this weekend.  It is all part of their latest promotion called "Rebuild History", according to Forbes.

Here are the new Lego sets that will be available, according to dontwasteyourmoney.com:

60th Anniversary Bundle For Just $5.65

  • Available at Walmart on Feb. 3, Feb. 7 and Feb. 11
  • Includes Lego classic creative building set and a sand baseplate.  Total of 583 pieces in 41 colors.

Free Collectible Booklet With Purchase - available now!

Three Limited Edition Sets Coming to Walmart in February

  • Walmart is rolling out three limited edition classic Lego sets in February.  Their site is keeping things secret but the Lego website gave a few hints that these kits will be showing up on their shelves:
    • February 1st - limited edition house
    • February 5th - limited edition windmill
    • February 9th - limited edition truck

If you find one of the deals, snap a selfie and send it to me over on my Facebook page!

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