A Level 3 predatory offender is being released in Rochester, Minnesota on Monday. He was convicted after engaging in "sexual contact against an unknown adult female."

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According to State of Minnesota records, Mohamed Hussein Hassan's contact included touch. The record indicated this happened while they were both in a care facility. He used force as she passed by him in a common hallway. Staff immediately intervened.

Hassan was sentenced on February 14, 2020, and is classified as risk level 3. Which means in addition to level two notification, law enforcement may notify other members of the community whom the registrant is likely to encounter.

From the Rochester Police Department:

Kim David/TSM
Kim David/TSM
  • Convicted predatory offenders have always been released to live in our communities, but it was not until the passage of the Registration Act of 1991 that law enforcement had a right to know an offender’s residence or track their moves after his/her initial release from custody. With the passage of the Community Notification Act, law enforcement now may share information with the public about many of these offenders.
  • Further information may be found at the Minnesota Department of Corrections Public Registrant Search at https://coms.doc.state.mn.us/publicregistrantsearch, or you may contact the Minnesota Department of Corrections, Risk Assessment and Community Notification unit at Phone: 651-361-7340 or 866-396-9953 or email at notification.doc@state.mn.us.

His address is listed as 2100 block of Campus Drive Southeast, Rochester, MN 55901.

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