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I've been a part of Random Acts of Kindness before. It's fun to surprise people and all that, but on Saturday, I felt it a whole different way. A guy named Mike blessed me with a Random Act of Kindness...apple fritter style.

There's a good chance you've run into Mike Kramer. He drives students around for the Rochester Public Schools, he drives for Door-Dash, and is frequently doing Random Acts of Kindness for people in the community. On Saturday he told me he's always looking for something to help brighten someone's day.

And Saturday, it was my turn.

All Those Cars Photo by Mike Kramer
All Those Cars Photo by Mike Kramer

Mike told me he was picking them up and we agreed to meet at the Y-105FM studios in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota...but I didn't know he was just going to give them to me. I figured I'd pay for 'em and go my way.

Which means it wasn't 'til the middle of the whole thing I realized what was going on. I asked, "What do I owe you for 'em...or what can I do in return?"  Mike said, "Just pass it on."

It's been a tough year for everyone...and a lot of us are just tired to the very bones of all the anger, hate, and nastiness we see around us (especially at a time when we need each other more than ever). I'm a pretty positive guy, but even I'm tired and have days of doubt.

Saturday, Mike put sunshine in my heart and step and I'm still feeling that wonderful feeling of being noticed, of kindness, and value. I don't think I'm breaking any confidences when I share this...it's just exactly what I hope, too.

Bringing cheer to others has always been a great positive in my life and I will continue and hopefully others will also👍That’s the ultimate goal in my heart when others are inspired or ask how they can do something. Hopefully that’s what will slowly bring the🌎 together with❤️

Exactly. I hope the same...that by doing positive things others will seek to do the same...and bring us all together.

The Apple Fritters Have Landed - Photo by Rabe
The Apple Fritters Have Landed - Photo by Rabe

Hurts Donut Apple Fritter Review: It took me all day to eat one...nibbling on and off and diving for the insulin (kidding, but I am T2). Good rich flavor, excellent apple love scattered throughout. But please, share with a friend...or five.

Random Act of Kindness - The Apple Fritters

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