Local photographers at Midwest Lifeshots, Scott and Jen Elder, are providing a winter wonderland scene this weekend for some gorgeous photo opportunities.  The backyard is set perfectly with just the right stuff...fire pits, swings, benches, fences...and families always look so perfect and warm.  The reason they are warm isn't just because of the hand warmers that are in the gloves and pockets.  ;)

Families grow up so fast and capturing those precious years with a family photo can be a bit stressful if you've got little ones, but it is also a memory that will last forever.  My family went several years without a family photo being taken due to one particular child throwing temper tantrums anytime a camera came near.  We were actually told to leave one studio in the middle of a session since he screamed for 45 minutes.  When I was brave enough to try a family photo again, I called Midwest Lifeshots and we finally were able to capture some cute moments that were stress-free.

Midwest Lifeshots creates a great winter wonderland experience and I just love all the beautiful winter photos that they take and post on their website.  Even better though, I love that during the Winter Wonderland sessions, 100% of the proceeds go to a local family that needs it.  This is their 8th year of holding this special event and my eyes teared up when I heard who the family was that they are donating the proceeds to this year: Sammy's family.

I wrote about Sammy not too long ago (here's the first story).  He is a little guy that has been part of my boys' Trail Life group at Autumn Ridge Church, which is similar to a Boy Scout troop.  When Sammy was 8, he was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia.  He doesn't have an immune system to fight what all of our bodies are able to fight without us even knowing...including the common cold.

Scott and Jen first created the Winter Wonderland sessions due to realizing that the photography business got a bit on the slow side during Minnesota winters.  They also knew of a friend that had a little girl that was diagnosed with cancer and they wanted a way to help.  Winter Wonderland was created because of those two reasons and today, it is a busy weekend of mini-sessions full of families...and lots of love being shown for a local family.

"It’s the least we can do. These families deal with so much stress and fear in their lives and they deserve to have a break and really enjoy each other. They can use the money for whatever they would like but we always encourage them to spend it on an experience they can do together as a family." - Scott and Jen Elder, Midwest Lifeshots

Spots are still open for the session that is taking place this weekend, February 17th & 18th.  The cost is $100 and includes a bunch of photographs that capture the winter beauty that we have in Minnesota...and, of course, the beautiful faces of couples and families.  To reserve a spot or learn more, Scott and Jen are ready to answer your questions and get you signed up.  You can contact them at 507-951-8859 or info@midwestlifeshots.com

To help keep everyone warm, the fire pit will be going this week and also hot coffee by Cafe Steam, along with some donut holes by the Gingerbread House Bakery.  

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