My heart warms up when I read about people in our community that are making a positive impact in the lives of could be one person they are reaching out to or an entire group of individuals that just need an extra helping hand or a hug.  The (S)Hero Award was created to celebrate and honor those women who are doing that right here in Southeast Minnesota.   Today, we are announcing the latest winner of that award!

(S)Hero Award Winner:  Nadine Siem

The reasons why Nadine is our winner this month is because serving others is a passion she has but she doesn't boast about that in her conversations to others.  She has held the hands of individuals that are needing someone to be by their side in their last few moments here on Earth and she has used her talents and skills to create thousands of items for individuals in our community.  Those are just a few of the many things she does she says, "stay busy".

Let's get to know her a little bit more...(and this is probably some info that she wouldn't tell you, but thankfully, she's got a great daughter that helped spill the beans a bit and give me the inside scoop on why her mom deserves this award.  Thanks, Lisa!)

  • Career - Retired from farming for 40+ years with her husband, Milton.
  • Where did she grow up - Grew up on a farm near Elgin, Mn and has been in Southeast Minnesota her entire life.  
  • Favorite place to eat - Perkins
  • Favorite quote or saying - Lisa remembers her mom saying Komm bitte für einen Moment hierher“—trsanslated from German (Come here for a moment please)
  • Favorite hobby Quilting, ceramics, knitting
  • If she had a day off - a day to do anything and not have to worry about paying, what would be her dream? My mom and dad had lined up a trip to Alaska but unfortunately,  due to my father’s progressive illness, they never made it.  They too always wanted to go back to Germany where my dad was stationed in the Army.  Right after they were married my dad was sent to Germany to serve in the Army.  The separation was too great for my mom who ventured over to Germany to be with him.  She stayed with a host family for 3 years while my dad served spending as much time as they could together when the Army would allow leave time.
  • Why is your mom a (S)hero and why?  (woman that has inspired, motivated, encouraged or been your support) - she is selfless, compassionate, and giving.  She offers her kindness without reservation or expectations.  She raised all of us five children (3 adopted and 2 biological) and is always there for us and supports us (and let me tell you, we gave her a run for her money)
  • What is the best piece of advice that she has given? Your heart is always big enough to find room to love others
  • What is the one thing that you want people to know about her?  She is the most generous, loving soul—I call her an angel on earth (by the way,  she hates that expression—extremely humble)

Watch the video to see the big surprise that we did at Newt's North and to hear how many quilts she has made already this year!


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