Minneapolis, MN (KROC-AM News) - An El Paso Texas man went before a federal judge in Minneapolis earlier this week and was ordered to prison for a child pornography conviction stemming from a Rochester sexual assault case.

32-year-old Jonathan James Perez was given an over 27 year prison term for repeatedly assaulting a 13-year-old Rochester boy, and producing child pornography of the assaults.

Court documents indicate, beginning in August 2013, Perez used a fake identity while communicating with the victim through social media and convinced him that he was 17-years-old and the two were involved in a romantic relationship. Perez then traveled from Texas to Rochester, where he lived in the basement of the victim’s home for several days while assaulting the teenager.

Prosecutors say Perez fled back to Texas in December 2013 after the boy’s father discovered his son in bed with the man and contacted Rochester police.

It was later learned that Perez had been convicted of a sex crime in Texas 2008.

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