I think it's important to be MORE than just a "glass half full" kinda guy...

It's been a couple of weeks since my car got "body-slammed" by that deer. The good news is, insurance will cover it. Just gotta pay the deductible.

Had an interesting morning yesterday morning. Tuesday is a late start for my sophomores, so they decided together independently that dad was going to drive them in to school. Just as we were coming through the light passed Holiday on 19th, and around in front of Hillcrest Shopping Center, we all heard a strange grinding noise and the ride got a little bumpier. Like a sleigh ride where the horse was trotting. That was when my son, Justin, looked over at me and said, "Just pull over here! I'll walk from here!"

We got to the parking lot and I pulled over to one side. Justin darted inside. I think he may have had to run to the little boys room. My daughter, Bella, stuck with me as we checked over the car.


I posted this picture on Facebook. I got instant feedback.

Eric said,

"Looks fine...just use some fix a flat."

Maire said the most unusual place she had this happen to her was,

"...doing 70 on I90 in Washington State. Scary!"

Marcy said,

"The Badlands of South Dakota. By myself. In the middle of nowhere. Did I mention, all by myself?"

Bella stayed with me while I made a few phone calls for help. She asked me if I was going to be alright and if I need a donut or a hug. I told her I could use both, but I'd take a hug. Then she went in to class. A few minutes later, she texted me to see if help had shown up and if I still needed a donut.

That's why I think it's important to be more than a "glass half full" kinda guy. I try to be a, "I'm kinda thirsty, who's glass is this now?" kinda guy.