These might be more strange than pineapple on a pizza...

What's your favorite pizza topping? My kids love pepperoni. My wife, Cathy, loves Hawaiian pizza; Canadian bacon and pineapple. We'll usually split a Deluxe or a Barbecue Chicken pizza. Deep-dish down, I'm a cheese pizza lover at heart.

Air-ic, made a pizza with peas and mayo. He Tweeted a picture of it.

Photo Credit: Twitter Screen Capture
Photo Credit: Twitter Screen Capture

See that there? His pizza pic has been re-Tweeted well over a thousand times!

Now, before rushing to condemn, or proclaiming #PeaToppingsMatter or #MayoRules, just how unusual and weird are peas and mayo as pizza toppings? I know people that think mixing pineapple with bacon, melted cheese and tomato sauce is just super freaky. Spinach-stuffed pizza? That's a vegetable, just like peas. Chicken instead of bacon or pepperoni?

Who's to say what is traditional or weird?

There are a lot of unique and unusual pizza toppings. I'm not sure I would eat a pizza with mayo on it. I'd never touch a slice of pizza with green olives on it. Green olives are just nasty! The Devil's food! Would you mind peas and/or mayo on a pizza?

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