We know that Mayo Clinic is in our backyard but what really happens behind those marble walls?  Dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing.

Lots of record-breaking science is happening in Rochester and many, many lives are saved each day.  The closest I have gotten to be in the medical field is sticking a Disney band-aid on one of my kids and their screams over blood was enough for me.  I can't imagine the stress that our healthcare providers must hold on their shoulders each day.

The urology department at Mayo Clinic doesn't appear to have any stress whatsoever in a video that was shared on YouTube recently.  They are dancing and having a ton of fun, and are pretending to drink out of a urine collector, which doesn't seem quite right, but I'm sure they are sterile.

Love all of your spirit and dancing skills Dr. Candace Granberg, Dr. Sevann Helo, Dr. Aaron Potretzke, and Dr. Matthew Ziegelmann!

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