Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) - Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede has announced he is starting a pilot program aimed at increasing the number of candidates for openings on various local boards and commissions.

The mayor is especially hopeful the test program will lead to more diverse candidates.

Brede says the online application process will involve the same software used by the city to accept job applications. He says this will allow citizens to be notified when an opening occurs on a city board or commission if they fill out an online job interest card, demographic tracking, and blind scoring.  

Brede intends to continue gathering input from citizens and city leaders and modify the pilot program to make sure it is successful.  

“I have been working with the City’s Human Resource Department to learn about different tools that would improve the process,” says Brede, adding, “And with new openings on the Library Board and Joint Airport Zoning Board, this is an ideal time to test this process.”

There are 107 people who voluntarily serve on boards and commissions. Recommending volunteers for city council approval to each board is one of the Mayor’s duties, and one that Brede takes very seriously.  

“Over the years, I’ve received hundreds of applications and conducted just as many interviews,” he says. “I am always looking for the right fit for each board, and often we have a high number of qualified applicants for just one position. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have more people apply. I am committed to represent the city’s welcoming culture when it comes to making these recommendations.”

To apply for a city board or commission or to sign up to be notified when board openings occur, follow this link.

Citizens who do not have internet access may apply at the Rochester Public Library.

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