Does this ever happen to you?

You're standing in the medication aisle (or as I refer to it, the medication vortex) and trying to figure out which bottle or box matches up with your symptoms.  It's a tricky business and heaven help you if YOU are the patient who is feeling sick!

I usually end up so frustrated because IF I can find a medication that covers most of my symptoms, it ends up being that unfortunate medicinal 'cherry flavor' which can only be considered the flavor of cherries in hell.

If I was queen, I would demand a machine with a touch screen to list my symptoms, push a button and have the cold or flu medication "perfectly tailored for me" pop out.  And then that machine would drive me home, tuck me in and serve me some chicken noodle soup.

But I'm not queen, so at some point this cold and flu season, I'll find myself back in the medication aisle, ready to do battle.  But wait!  Maybe I'm putting too much thought into this whole process.

I just found out Tylenol Cold and Tylenol Flu are the same medication, just different boxes!  This isn't earth shattering of course, but I'm sharing it because it makes me feel better knowing that my odds of picking the right box just improved a tiny bit.

Make it a great day, America!