Today is such an important day! Don't let anyone tell you that you're VOICE doesn't count. Here are my Top 5 favorite movies about The President.

All it takes is one vacation outside of the United States to realize just how Uh-MAY-zing this country really is. Cathy and I have gone on cruises to the Caribbean. When we stepped of the ship into port. We both realized just how blessed we were.

I was reminded of something very important bringing my children home. You and I run this country. We select individuals to represent us and make decisions on our behalf. The United States is one of the few countries that allows that. No one can take that away from us unless we hand that over.

Around Presidents Day, I'll pick a few movies that I enjoy that remind me of how great our country can really be. Of course, there are other issues and candidates on the ballot. But, the big kahuna is electing a new President today. Let me share my Top 5 favorites today on Election Day.

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    Swing Vote (2008)

    Okay, so Swing Vote isn't about The President, or any elected official. It's not so much about government. It's about a principal: Every. Vote. Counts. Your vote does not cancel out my vote. Our opinions do not drown each other out. Kevin Costner plays a lovable loser, Bud Johnson. The election comes down to his vote. More importantly, than to any candidate, his vote counts to his daughter. No, it ain't Shakespeare. I like it more for the point it makes in the wacky way it makes it.

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    Thirteen Days (2000)

    Thirteen Days is about the Cuban missile crisis of the Kennedy Presidency. Bruce Greenwood plays President Kennedy, Steven Culp plays Attorney General Robert Kennedy. The historical account is told from Costner's political consultant, Kenneth O'Donnell's point of view. Thirteen Days shows how The White House faces a crisis. I like it because it shows how an American President and those around him stood up to the rest of the world.

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    Air Force One (1997)

    Best known as Han Solo, Indiana Jones - and for a couple of turns as Tom Clancy's earnest, wide-eyed CIA analyst Jack Ryan in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger - Harrison Ford steps up as President James Marshall in Air Force One. Following a tough speech on terrorism, the President's plane is taken by terrorists, led by Gary Oldman. Ford's Marshall isn't just tough talk. He puts the action into Commander-in-Chief.

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    The American President (1995)

    What The American President is about is, "What if the Commander-in-Chief were a widow?" How would The President find love again? What I like about Michael Douglas' President Andrew Shepherd is that he really loves this country. He's passionate about our history and government. Yeah, it's basically a rom-com - didn't this movie inspire The West Wing? There are a lot of great moments, from Michael J. Fox, Annette Benning and Martin Sheen. Douglas gives probably the best Presidential speech ever!

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    Dave (1993)

    This has got to be my all-time favorite movie about the President. "Average Joe", Dave, played by Kevin Kline is brought to the White House because he looks just like the President. POTUS needs a look-alike. All Dave has to do is smile and wave. But when the real Commander-in-Chief has a medical emergency, things get a little sideways, and Dave has to rise to the occasion. I wish I could pick a single scene to give you a sense of why I like this movie so much; it's funny, witty and Kline's Dave is sincere. It makes me believe in a certain kind of Hope and Change.

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