Everyone wants the Find the Love for the 2-year-lease on the new Subaru Outback, but Shelly is the craftiest Subaru Wanter I've met! She wants it for her son...kinda.

Shelly stopped by the Find the Love Friday broadcast at the Half Barrel and won an oil change. Plus, of course, she entered to win the Subaru Outback from Clements Subaru on the NEW Y-105FM!

Why does she want the new Subaru? Check out the video!

She wants it so her son can have a car. But, he doesn't get the new Subaru, she does. then, she'll give her old car to her son. IF he learns to drive a stick shift.

I love it!

Bruce Layfield

I wish her luck teaching him to drive a stick. Plenty of gear grinding is in her/his future. At least it was for me when my sister taught me to drive her car.  It was a fancy five speed, and i was always having trouble stalling out. Which is great, if you're trying to impress your date with your ability to use the repeatedly turn the ignition.

When I finally bought my own stick shift, it was a lousy four speed, and my shifting issues disappeared. Some day, I'll tell you about Bart...and how he smoked until it killed him.

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