If you're wondering why the former Michaels building on Broadway in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota isn't gone yet, get in line. A lot of people have been asking.

Michaels Isn't Torn Down Because Negotiations Are Down


Negotiations? Maybe you thought it was all Titan Development working on that space, and it was just one building. But in reality, it's Titan Development and the Pappas family, and five buildings, four owned by Titan, and one owned by a group of Pappas family members.

In a story by Jeff Kiger, in the Rochester Post Bulletin, it was explained this way

Tom Hexum, who represents the Pappas family, explained that the demolition permit was given the green light with the expectation that Titan would sign a contract to address insurance and liabilities concerning the demolition. While Titan started demolition work on the buildings it owns, Hexum said no agreement on a contract involving the Pappas property was ever signed.

So, the demolition of the Pappas family property was halted and it now appears the Pappas family wants to sell their property to Titan.  And that is why you've seen no more demolition of the Michaels restaurant space. The city has approved extensions of the demolition permits, so by spring, this will hopefully be worked out. 

In the meantime, the sidewalk in front of the former restaurant will be reopened.

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