Last year I hung out in Minneapolis quite a bit and on one of my adventures, I was on the hunt for an amazing pizza spot cause I was HANGRY!  I wish my kids were with me because I found this amazing pizza place that had superhero costumes on display and they even delivered pizza in superhero costumes.  What's really cool about Galactic Pizza though is that they are all about making pizza but also saving the slice of pizza at a time.

Check out this Minnesota pizza spot that loves superheroes so much, they dress up like them!

Is Galactic Pizza the coolest pizza place in Minnesota? If you love superheroes, the answer is "yes"! Plug in 2917 Lyndale Ave S., Minneapolis into your Google Maps, and get ready for amazing pizza, desserts, and a superhero experience you will never forget. If you can't drive there now, at least learn a bit on their website how this pizza joint is doing more than just making pizza...they are helping save the world!

Ways that Galactic Pizza is helping save the world.

Virtual high-five to Galactic Pizza for doing their best to help change the world!  On their website, you'll see the phrase "Planet Saving Pizza" and here are a few ways that Galactic Pizza is saving the world every day:

  • 100% electric delivery cars
  • Fully compostable pizza box
  • Wind energy powers the restaurant
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Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

#ICYMI - Purple Goat is opening up this week in Rochester, Minnesota!

Rochester, I'm not sure if you are ready for this bit of good news but here it goes...a new restaurant, Purple Goat, is opening up in RochesterMinnesota this week!

I've been anxiously awaiting the opening of Purple Goat, mostly because I drive by this place multiple times every single day.  So, when I heard that they were opening by Thursday, August 19th in the story that the Post Bulletin just had, I started screaming at my desk when I was sitting at work.  Finally another spot to eat will be opening up in NE Rochester!  Sounds like if it is possible, they will open before the 19th too.  If I hear that the doors open early, I'll stick the news up on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - so go give that a follow so you don't miss it.

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bhofack2, Thinkstock
bhofack2, Thinkstock

Best burgers in Rochester, Minnesota can be found at ______.

Who has the best burgers in Rochester?  That question has been a huge debate in our town for years but the debate is now officially over and we've got the list of the best below.

11 Best Places to Get a Mouth-Watering Burger in Rochester

A delicious burger is ALWAYS a good idea! But it can be hard to figure out where to go with all of the burger places in our area. To help you decide where to get your next burger, check out the 11 best places to get a burger in Rochester according to Yelp (in no particular order).

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