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Minneapolis (KROC AM News) - The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office has announced a new tool it hopes will lead to less stressful incidents involving first responders and residents with special needs.

The department is offering stickers that can be affixed to a home or vehicle to alert police, fire, and emergency medical services that those inside may have special circumstances to consider.

The stickers are designed to be placed on a door or window of a home, or vehicle window.

Three separate stickers are currently available:

An Occupant May Be Autistic or Special Needs
An Occupant May Have Dementia or Alzheimer’s
An Occupant May Be Deaf or Hearing Impaired
EMS Stickers full set

Hennepin County Sheriff
Hennepin County Sheriff

“These stickers are a simple but effective way to ensure that Hennepin County residents with special needs get the level of care they deserve when attended to by first responders,” said Sheriff David Hutchinson. “First responders typically arrive during moments of high stress, and these stickers provide quick and critical information, which goes a long way in such scenarios. With awareness of special circumstances, our first responders can better react to the situation, which results in better outcomes for everyone.”

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