For anyone on television and radio for that matter botching the name of a person or town can and does happen on a regular basis, and I can relate to this 100%. Years ago I was cutting a radio commercial for a business in Pokegama, Minnesota. Now generally names of towns or businesses are spelled out phonetically so we make sure it is said correctly but in this case, it was not and for whatever reason, I called it pokey-gamma.

Now looking back I should have known that the name of the town most likely was not pronounced like that and I found out very quickly the error of my ways. To this day I will never mispronounce the name of that town wrong again. For the record it is Po-keg-a-ma. Lesson learned.

Recently according to Bring Me The News, Twin Cities Television anchor Chris Egert from KSTP was doing a live giveaway to a viewer who had won a $250 grocery gift card on the show "Minnesota Live" when he immediately began to struggle to pronounce the winner's last name. He acknowledged right away that he did not pre-read her name so was obviously just taking a guess on how to pronounce it.

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He did what anyone in his position would do and he acknowledged it and apologize for most likely saying her name wrong and his co-workers were quick to agree that it happens. He took the high road making fun of himself which is really all you can do in a situation like this.

Another television blooper that happened earlier last year is now making the rounds again. This time it happened during a story about the January 6 insurrection in Washington D.C. This slip of the tongue came from long-time news anchor Frank Vascellaro from WCCO.

It just goes to show that accidents happen, but being the pro that Frank is he did what we all have been told is you make a mistake just keep moving on, which he did. Granted this was also a very serious news story, so this is not something you would stop and joke about.

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