It all started with an initiative put in place by Litter Bit Better.

When we have opportunities to share important messages with our kids, and they soak it in, there's just nothing better! Well, except when they prove that they heard your concerns and share them.

That's exactly what a 4th grader at Gibbs Elementary School did. Her name is Emina Brgulja, and she submitted her artwork which shows her concern for our environment.

A news release explains, "This year, 224 4th grade students from 8 schools in Rochester put their creative ideas about littering into entries for the Help Make Rochester A Litter Bit Better! art contest." Emina was the winner!

Emina Brgulja
Emina Brgulja

Litter Bit Better explains that, as the winner, this means; "Emina will receive: an A Litter Bit Better! T-shirt, a large poster, a $100 gift card for her classroom, and a pizza lunch with Mayor Ardell Brede for the class. Additionally, Emina’s artwork will become the centerpiece of pledge cards that encourage students to pledge not to litter, to always pick up litter, and to tell others not to litter. The pledge cards will be given to all Rochester 4th graders in April 2018, just before the start of A Litter Bit Better! week."

What a sweet idea!

Other amazing artwork will be displayed online soon. This Rochester initiative returns April 21-28, 2018 and registration for pick up locations begins on March 1st.

Here's a look at how much fun we have participating this past spring!

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