First things first...if you think you can drive on the ice 'round here. Y'can't. At least not in most places. It's been too warm and there's been a big uptick in lake rescues. So heed this warning from the Brown County Sheriff's office.

While no ice is 100% safe, please use caution anytime you venture onto lake ice or river ice, especially at night. Refrain from driving on ice whenever possible. If you must drive a vehicle, keep your windows down and be prepared to leave it in a hurry.

In a KARE11 story, the Brown County Sheriff warned ice drivers to remember to tell someone before you leave. If you're preparing to go out, how thick should the ice be? How do you check the thickness? Get all that info and a lot more HERE on the MN DNR page.

And second things second, what brings this timely reminder up? Just check out the pictures from Monday when a a truck broke thru on Lake Hanska. No one was hurt, except maybe bank balance wise. These ice rescues can cost up to thousands of dollars.

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