Massive Digging Project in the Snow Happening Now in Minnesota

There are two types of people in Minnesota- those who love to shovel in the winter and will get all the ice chunks off the driveaway asap and then, those of us who just drive over all of it.  Whatever category you fall into, you need to find that shovel and help dig a vital item out today.

Steve Mason ThinkStock
Steve Mason ThinkStock

A few years ago, the Rochester Fire Department posted a reminder after a huge storm hit, and right now, the same message applies because once again, the white stuff has piled up.

The white stuff is really piling up out there, with more right around the corner. RFD would like to remind residents to make sure they take a little extra time to shovel out around fire hydrants when clearing snow from their driveways and sidewalks. Clear three feet in all directions from the hydrant so firefighters can quickly locate and access hydrants. Every second counts at a fire!


If there is a fire hydrant on your property, please take a moment and shovel it out.

If there is a fire hydrant on your neighbor's property and it is still covered in snow, show that Minnesota Nice and take a few moments to dig it out.

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Top 10 Items People in Minnesota Stocked Up On When They Heard the Word "Storm"

I'm pretty sure every single person in Minnesota went to the grocery store yesterday.  We all heard that a massive snowstorm was on the way and so we immediately thought about the food we had in the fridge and pantry and realized if we didn't go to the store, we just might not make it through these next 48 hours.  Most of us would have been fine - it may have required us to eat some freeze-burned mystery meat but we would have been ok.  If you made it to the store though, see if you grabbed any of the top 10 items below that were purchased last-minute.

Top 10 Items People in Minnesota Stock Up On When They Hear "Storm"

I am pretty sure that as soon as the word "storm" shows up in the forecast, people in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin are just trained to hop in their cars and go to the store. Stocking up on supplies becomes our #1 priority and we shop like we have absolutely nothing in our house to eat. So, we will up our carts with all "the things" and hope we grabbed enough to make it through the storm.

FYI - we will make it through the storm, and some of us will do that with Double Stuffed Oreos. Some of us will not...because the store shelf was empty by the time we got there.

Below are a few of the top items that we grab at the last minute before the storm hits.

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