At the Wayzata McDonald's drive-thru, there is an 88-year-old guy people literally drive miles out of their way to see. They could get their morning joe and McMuffin at any McDonald's, but they come to Art because they love him.

Art Mason has worked at that McDonald's since 1990. He'd just retired and the manager needed someoen to work fill-in for a few weeks and...29 29 years later, he is literally the most loved McDonald's drive-thru worker in Minnesota (maybe the nation.

In KARE11's story, they talked to some customers....

“I love Art, Art's awesome. Yay, Art!” Amy Little says as she approaches Art Mason’s drive-thru window.

Amy is about get a non-caffeinated bump.

“Good morning,” Art says with a broad smile as he slides open the drive-thru pay window to greet Amy. Two laughs follow close behind – one from Art and another from Amy. The sequence is not uncommon. Art’s laughter is contagious.

“He is just the sweetest, sweetest guy,” Melissa Wildermuth, another of Art’s customers, says. “So happy, so happy, like every day’s a great new day for him.”

Remember how he had just retired when he took the job at McDonald's? He didn't much like retirement, so he took the job. The same is true today. Why retire when you love what you're doing?

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