Because 2020 needs some more excitement, a new bug has made its way to Minnesota and all of its nibbles are causing some damage.

An invasive insect that is native to Europe and Asia has been found for the first time in the great state of Minnesota.  The lily leaf beetle has already been in Canada, Wisconsin, and Washington and the Northeast U.S. but we now have a confirmed sighting of the little creature too.

What does the lily leaf beetle do?  If you have lilies on your property, the lily leaf beetle will end up chewing irregular holes and notches throughout the leaves, stems, and the buds.  The adult beetle has been known to also feed on hostas, hollyhock, potato, bittersweet, Solomon's seal, and lily of the valley. The larvae are the biggest concern though because they are the ones doing the most damage and can completely destroy the flowers.

What do they look like?  According to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the adults are bright red beetles and the eggs are reddish and laid on the underside of leaves in lines.

Photos of the Invasive Lily Leaf Beetle

Learn more about this new invasive beetle here.  And, if you see these or suspect that this insect is on your property, send photos, location and other info via e-mail to or call 1-888-545-6684.

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