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All this staying home and eating at home we've all been doing this year is having quite the effect on supplies of Spam, Hormel Foods said.

First there was a run on toilet paper. (Remember when we had a tough time finding any on store shelves here in southeast Minnesota during the early days of the pandemic and stay-home order this spring?) Then, we heard that there could be a shortage of Clorox wipes and Lysol cleaning sprays due to the ongoing battle with the coronavirus that could last into next year.

And now, the latest product that could be a little tricky to find on store shelves is one made a few miles west of Rochester on I-90: Hormel Foods in Austin said earlier this week that, yeah, there could, in fact, be a Spam shortage this fall.

What?!? A shortage of Spam?!? Say it isn't so, right? But, apparently, supply chain issues, and staffing and production problems could all lead to Minnesota's own Hormel Foods having a tough time meeting increased demand for certain products-- Spam among them, according to this Reuters story. The story went on to say that Hormel has to find "alternate ways to increase production, including relying on co-manufacturing partners," it noted.

Here's hoping the hard-working crew over at Hormel can meet the increasing demand for Spam! This isn't the first time Hormel Foods has been in the news recently, though. Earlier this week Hormel announced they'd pay college tuition for employee's children to attend a 2-year school here in Minnesota. How cool is that?!?

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