First came Arby's Meatoberfest, sandwiches served during Oktoberfest with beer cheese sauce on 'em. Now, you can step up your love with...well...meat clothing!

If a long history of meat-centric living doesn't convince you of Arby's love for meat, maybe these lederhosen will. Oktoberfest in Germany has come to a close, but Meatoberfest at Arby's is just starting today. Arby's has announced a meat-themed pseudo-holiday centered around co-opting the trappings of Oktoberfest but, you know, with meat. (Thrillist)

The lederhosen runs you $30. In fact, all their meaty-merch is priced at $30. You mean there's more than just meaterhosen? Yup. Choose a Beefvarian hat, and a Das Hat, a boot glass for beer...or, mozzarella sticks, or whatever.

You can't buy the clothes and mug until Friday, but when you want to, just click here.

The Meatoberfest sandwiches are Beer Braised Beef, Double Roast Beef, and Beer Cheese Triple Stack. They add the beer cheese sauce to each of 'em, and beer-braised beef, beer mustard, and a toasted pretzel roll.

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