I'm in a bit of a time crunch this Christmas season.  My husband went into the hospital and has had an extended stay that wasn't planned.  In other words, he usually does the stocking stuffer shopping for the kiddos and I have just a few short days to make this Christmas magic happen.
The bigger reality though is...I really only have about 2 hours to do this without kids before Christmas morning is here.  I needed some help to get this to-do crossed off my list fast so I asked all of you on Facebook.
You gave so many ideas, I put them together for all of you, just in case you need a few ideas as well.

 Top Stocking Stuffer Tips (for those needing some last minute ideas):
  • Gift Cards - some might say these aren't the best to give, but this is a perfect idea.  Most mentioned gas cards, a coffee shop, Target, Walmart or Scheels
  • Candy - basically a no-brainer.
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste - this is one that I did not think of but I like it.
  • Chapstick - my daughter does love these!
  • Cute socks - the fluffier and cuter the better.
  • Toys - probably not what I'll get this year but still a great idea for others.

I think my favorite two ideas are ones that weren't as popular, but with my kids, these are true winners.

"Fun thing could be to take candy out of plastic candy cane and make em find it scavenger hunt style!" - Jon Budd on Y105FM's Facebook page

Jon, that is brilliant!  My kids create scavenger hunts for each other at every single birthday.  This was a great idea for our family and I am so happy you shared this!

Susan Okima Vickmark-Torkelson also shared an idea on Y105FM's Facebook page that included a scavenger hunt but then she added one more detail - 

"It will take a little more time but the long term investment will be worth it. Along with whatever you put in the stocking...write a One page letter to each one about why you love Being their parent and what you love most about them.

If you are in a huge time crunch, here is an article with some holiday gift ideas that you can purchase at Kwik Trip.  

Thank you for all the tips and suggestions.  Off to the store I go!

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