Exciting things are happening at the Barlow Plaza Shopping Center in Rochester!

Burgraff's Ace Hardware announced on September 11th some good news for Rochester.  They have secured a spot in the Barlow Plaza Shopping Center and will be opening up a store in early December.  The shop is 10,000 square feet and will be located at 1141 6th Street NW.

If you aren't familiar with Ace Hardware stores, you can go glance at their Facebook page and website to get an idea of what to expect.  I will warn you though, there is a picture of a snowblower that I wasn't really thrilled to see.  #JustSaying

I appreciate the smaller hardware stores, mostly because I know I can find what I am looking for fast and the service always seems to be spectacular.  I've remodeled 8 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, and revamped way too many rooms to count, and I still have a few to go on our current house.

I've also got a lot of memories from when I was a kid that go along with hardware stores.  My dad was "Big John" at Payless Cashway's in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and I feel like I basically grew up in that store.  He always had his tool belt on and worked on side projects in the evenings and weekends and I'd be there, right by his side, and sometimes on a roof.

What store do you think Rochester is missing?  Let me know and send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio or on Instagram at Jessica On The Radio.  I asked my family that question last night and my teenagers are very adamant that we need more fun places for their age group.  As a parent, I'll elaborate on that...we need more AFFORDABLE places for families to go that have kids.

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