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The other day I was leaving work at Townsquare Media and noticed a bunch of people across the street in downtown Rochester at Cafe Steam.  They were all masked up but I could tell they were excited about something and then I saw the reason why.  A huge square full of color called Poetic Potential was standing outside of the One Discovery Square building.  The bright color right next to gray concrete definitely stands out and is something I think Rochester needs more of...so I'm all in.

ICYMI: there is a new piece of art in downtown Rochester that is not only full of amazing color but it is interactive.  Yes!  You can have fun with it and it was designed so you could create and be part of this creation.  I snuck over to One Discovery Square and grabbed a few photos to show you up close what this new art is all about.  Scroll through...I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it!

Coolest Piece of Interactive Art in Rochester Has Arrived!

Sitting outside next to Cafe Steam Café Steam and One Discovery Square is a brand new piece of art that you can play with! According to the Facebook page for Threshold Arts, quite a few people, companies, and organizations played a part in making this art happen in downtown Rochester including the Sievers family, Rick Swanson of Fox and Swan Arts, DMC - Destination Medical Center, and Mortenson.

And now a few masked faces behind this great idea!  Thanks, John Sievers and the entire gang for allowing me to share your photo but also for making this amazing piece of art happen in Rochester.

To all who help create color, masterpieces, and music in our world, thank you.  I appreciate you!

Parents, your kids would love to see this art too!  So, here's a fun idea.  Go have a date with your kiddos!  Get dressed up.  Hold the door for your little ones and take them to one of the spots below that has free kid's meals in Rochester and then surprise them with a trip to see this amazing piece of art. Since you are all dressed up, take some fun selfies together to remember this fun date that they truly will never forget.

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