A while back I wrote a blog about new breakfast food at Kwik Trip. They'd just added the breakfast burger. It was really good (see it here). I used the opportunity to suggest they start offering one of the top five most popular breakfasts in the nation!

I'm just hoping Kwik Trip is reading this and realize how great it would be to have a warmer with single servings of sausage gravy available for purchase.

They heard me! I stopped at the Byron Kwik Trip this morning and saw the BG and new I had to taste test it. The gal behind the counter said it's being tested. A few calls confirmed that's true for the whole Rochester area.

And how was it? The video gives you the basic rundown...and I say, pretty darn good. Could use some more pepper, but I always think that about sausage gravy.

Click to enlarge. James Rabe for TSM
Click to enlarge.
James Rabe for TSM

Here's the run down. It's in the Hot Spot, with the breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, etc. So it'll be a little hot to hold, grab a napkin to put on your hand.

Eating in the car won't be easy, so at work, you'll find a flakey biscuit with a sausage patty and the gravy. If you let it cool just a touch, the gravy'll thicken up.

Nothing fancy looking, but if you've had their breakfast sandwiches, you know they have pretty good sausage. Coming in at about 500 calories, you'll want to make sure you pair it with fruit to health it up a bit. I totally forgot what the price was, but remember it was really reasonable.

Want a sit-down place for biscuits and gravy?  Yelp says these are Rochester's Top FIve places for B and G.

5 - Pappy's Place

4 - Canadian Honker

3 - Roosters Bar and Grill

2 - Dunn Brothers

1 - Grandmas Kitchen

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