New Sign Is Up for One of Rochester, Minnesota's Newest Tattoo Shop

If you are feeling the need for some new ink, a new sign just popped up in Rochester, Minnesota for one of the newest tattoo shops in the Med City.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Electric Hive Tattoo is now open at 1716 37th St NW in Rochester, Minnesota.  In fact, if you drove by on July 17th, you saw their huge grand opening that was full of fun and full of freebies!

If you'd love to connect with them, here are a few ways to find them virtually:

Get inked up at one of the tattoo shops in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area!

How many tattoos do you have?  If you are a fan of the ink, you probably already have your favorite artist.  But, if you are a newbie or you are exploring and want to get some more color on your skin, there are 9 tattoo shops in the RochesterMinnesota area that have helped create some pretty amazing body art.

9 Tattoo Shops in the Rochester, Minnesota Area

If you are looking to get some new ink and wondering where to go for the best tattoo, check out this list of all the tattoo shops in and near Rochester, Minnesota.
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My mouth hung open the other day when someone visiting Rochester asked me if I eat SPAM every day.  They were looking for a few cooking tips (which I am NOT the person to come to for that!) but I actually didn't even know how to respond.  SPAM is made just 30 minutes from here but it is NEVER on the menu at my house.   I have tasted it but I'm pretty sure it is a myth that we all love it and eat it every day.  And, that's just one of the many myths people seem to have about the great state of Minnesota.

Myths People in Other States Believe About Minnesota

When you tell someone that lives in another state that you are from Minnesota, have you ever been asked a weird question? Like, "Can you ever get a tan there?". That is one of the many myths that seem to be rolling around in the minds of people from other states. Some of the myths below are actually just shocking.

What's missing from the Minnesota Myth list?

Is there something people have asked you about Minnesota that has left you baffled or is there another myth you've heard about our state that is missing on the list?  Let me know over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or send me an e-mail to

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