The internet broke on Friday after Rochester MN Moms Blog shared a photo about a new sign that was spotted in Rochester.  (I've got that picture below!)

When I think of Target (which is one of my favorite stores!), I get happy feelings thinking about taking an extra long time going through aisles, finding some of the best clearance deals and enjoying some coffee...because, hello, it is there!

I've also done online ordering with in-store pickup - which I actually like when I'm in a hurry.  I especially liked this feature during Christmas.  It can be a royal pain to go to 10 stores during the busiest time of the year just to see if they have an item, wander all over and then walk out with everything but the item you needed.

I guess I'll have to try this out as well...see which of the three options I like the most.

What do you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or send it to me on my Facebook page.

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