Have you ever been driving and feel like everyone...absolutely everyone...is speeding past you?  Well, there are some roads in Rochester that no one seems to ever go the speed limit (*cough *cough Hwy 52).  That's not where I was though when I noticed that I was the slow one.

My kids are in all sorts of activities so I am driving all over Rochester...all.the.time.  I thought I knew all of the speed limits but had to do a double-take when I was driving this past weekend.  Cars were whipping past me as I was carefully and lawfully driving down 55th Street NW.

Turns out, the speed limit 55th Street NW has changed.  Not sure when.  Not sure why.  But I do know that it is faster because the signs now say 50 mph.  It was not 50 mph the last time I drove on it.

Have you noticed the change in speed on this road too?  If you hop on 55th Street NW from Hwy 52, go East, the speed limit is now 50 mph until you get to 48th Street NE, where it gets bumped up to 55 mph.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

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