Since Northgate Health Club has closed, no one has stepped forward to rent the space at the Northgate Center in Rochester, Minnesota. So, according to papers filed this week, the former health club's pool and deck are going to take a dive.

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The Rochester YMCA building closed earlier this year, so this will make two fewer swimming pools in town.

The health club closed on October 26, 2020 (Read More: Popular Health Club in Rochester is Moving to a New Location). That's a long time for a property with such a specific purpose to sit empty, not collecting rent or even the hope of rent.

The plan appears to be filling in the pool, while demolishing the surrounding deck, unless of course someone comes forward and says, "DON! Hey, I wanna rent this place, here's the money!"

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It's sad to see pools going away forever, but what can you do? Turns out there is an option.

While this isn't as convenient, there is an app called SWIMPLY, where you can rent swimming pools (and adjacent party spaces sometimes). There aren't many around Rochester, but I just checked and all the pools in this list are still doing business (in season for some).

Private Pools You Can Rent Thru the Swimply App in Rochester and the Twin Cities

If you've used AirBnB to book a room, you can use Swimply to book a private pool. So far, there's only one in Rochester and one in Lewiston. In Minneapolis / St Paul there are a bunch. What's below is just a sampling of the ones I thought were most interesting.

Seeing Simply, an Airbnb for pools, it reminded me of this little Airbnb gem in Rochester. The decor may have changed a bit, but I just have to share this. I found it in a Rochester Airbnb back in 2018! The Storybook Home hosted by Covered By Faith. Awesome place and a kind and loving host.

That's from this home...

The Storybook Home

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