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I heard through the fitness grapevine that a popular gym in Rochester was making a move.  I did a little bit of digging and driving to check things out and I found out that the rumor is indeed very true.

Northgate Health Club, which is currently operating in Rochester at the Northgate Center at 1112 7th St NW, has decided to move to a new location.  They will be closing their doors at their current location on Monday, October 26th, and reopening at their new location, the old Fitness Evolution spot in NW Rochester, on Monday, November 2nd.

We are moving to the old Fitness Evolution
space. We are open at our current location through Monday, Oct. 26th,
and then we will be closed Tuesday through Sunday, and reopen on Monday,
Nov. 2nd.  - Ronaele Hoffman, Northgate Health Club

Their new location won't have a pool or a hot tub but it will have 24/7 access starting December 1st for a small fee.  You can learn more about changes and updates on Northgate Health Clubs website.

I drove over to the new location yesterday and there was quite a crew of people working hard to make the place perfect for opening day.  This location has had quite a few different paint colors on the walls as it has been home to a variety of fitness centers.  Workout World, aka WOW, was the first and then Fitness Evolution.  I'm familiar with both of those because I used to teach a variety of fitness classes there.  I also fell off a treadmill in the NE corner of the gym.  #TrueStory  Before that, I'm thinking that this spot was a grocery store but my old brain is having a tough time going back that far.  If you remember what was in the spot before WOW, send me a note on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or send it to me at Jessica On The Radio or DM me on Instagram.

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