School just started and if this year is anything like the last couple of years, a very specific list is going to start very soon.  Need a hint? We are less than 100 days from this holiday. 🎁

I know. The word “Christmas” means snow and colder temps but December will be here soon and my kids will be wishing for all of the things that they are seeing in school, at friends’ houses, and at the store.  One item that was on the list last year and will most definitely show up on the list again this year...Nintendo Switch.

I would love to make all the Christmas wishes come true for my littles but I'm not sure what type of budget Santa is working with this year.  If you aren't sure if a Nintendo Switch will be in Santa's sleigh this year either, well, there might be another way.

Cold Stone® Creamery is excited to announce a relationship with Nintendo®!  If you didn’t know that ice cream and gaming went together, well, it does, and it is a pretty tasty combo.  

10 Nintendo Switch game bundles are going to be given away and you have now until October 15th, 2019, to get entered to win.  Each game bundle is going to include a copy of Super Mario Make 2, Mario Kart 9 and Yoshi’s Crafted World, and of course, the Nintendo Switch game system so you can play all of the fun games.  Ok, if you play video games like me, you know your kids are going to win no matter how hard you try, so just make sure you pick up a Cold Stone Pre-Packed Ice Cream from their freezer and you can eat that while the kids play Christmas morning.

Masterpiece (left), Rainbow Sprinkle Road. Credit:
Mario & Luigi's Masterpiece (left), Rainbow Sprinkle Road Ice Cream Cake (right). Credit:

That's not all Cold Stone® Creamery and Nintendo® are doing, though. There are two new Nintendo® treats at the Cold Stone® Creamery stores in Rochester.  Every time you purchase the Mario & Luigi’s Masterpiece Creation or Rainbow Sprinkle Road Ice Cream Cake, you will get a collectible My Nintendo point code card.  If you love sweet cream ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, blue frosting and fudge, you will love the Mario & Luigi’s Masterpiece Creation. If moist yellow cake, frosting, and sweet cream ice cream with rainbow sprinkles is what your taste buds crave, the Rainbow Sprinkle Road Ice Cream Cake is your pick.

What is your favorite Cold Stone ice cream flavor?  I’d love to know which one to try next.  Send me a message on my Facebook page or Instagram.

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