Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Olmsted County’s new drug court is receiving an infusion of cash from the federal government.

County Attorney Mark Ostrem says his office recently learned the drug court has been awarded a $350,000 federal grant. The award will be presented to the Olmsted County Board next month for its formal approval.  Ostrem says the money, which will be distributed over three years, will be used to expand and improve the drug court program. He notes it currently has an operating budget of only about $150,000.

The drug court began operating in July and puts participants into an intense probation program that requires multiple visits with probation officers and the multiple tests for drug use each week in an effort to guide the offender so they can finally put their chemical dependency problems behind them.

Ostrem announced the grant Wednesday morning during his regular appearance on Rochester's Good Morning with Rich Peterson and Kim David on KROC-AM.

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