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I can count on one hand how many times I have had a date night with my husband since COVID hit our world.  We've had carry-out quite often but honestly, that's just not the same as going out on the town and have a "date".  We both got an e-mail from our bosses last week letting us know that we could get our COVID-19 vaccine at Olmsted County Public Health and decided that although this type of date isn't normal, nothing really is anymore.

Today, our town looks different.  Our world looks different.  The entire time that our world has been battling and working on surviving through this pandemic, a huge team of people have been working tirelessly to help. They showed up for my date night too!  Olmsted County Public Health, thank you for all that you do and for showing up every single day.  BTW - thanks for making the vaccine process super easy.  Super impressed!

How to have a COVID Vaccine Date (and a few fun facts):

  1. Take selfies!  Not sure why this is a thing exactly but it seems to be what everyone does.  (One person in these photos is not a huge fan of selfies.  One of us is.)
  2. Fancy Attire NOT Required. Wear whatever you'd like.  As you can see, we were sporting the flannel look and a shirt that seemed appropriate for a pandemic and someone who has been working from home for a full year (with children distance learning).
  3. You may or may not get a bandaid.  IKR?!  I didn't even bleed!  I did think for a bit that maybe I never even got the shot.
  4. Some side effects may happen.  The next day, I KNEW that the shot did in fact go in my arm.  I knew this because my arm hurt so bad and then...lots of other fun symptoms happened as well.
  5. Depending on the vaccine, you may get to have 2 dates!  My hubby and I have another fun COVID date planned for the end of the month.
  6. Questions?  Here is a great resource for whatever COVID vaccine questions you might have.  (I looked at this extensively as I had A LOT of questions.  This resource helped me a bunch.)
Young friends wearing face mask doing new social distancing greet with elbows bumps for preventing corona virus spread - Physical distance and friendship safety greetings concept
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What have you done differently since the pandemic started?  Check out the list below of a whole bunch of ways that our lives have changed since last March.

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