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Collecting a lot of likes and loves right now on the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office page is a thank you that touched my heart.

"Earlier today, members of our office stopped by for lunch at Sydney's house for #FlagDay. Sydney was handing out flags and accepting donations for the MN Association for Injured Peace Officers and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in honor of her father, retired Rochester Police Officer Dave Dutton, who passed away unexpectedly on Flag Day in 2010."

Photo: Olmsted County Sheriff's Office
Photo: Olmsted County Sheriff's Office

Kudos to you, Sydney, for honoring your father this way. Helping two organizations that not only use our donations wisely and carefully, making sure the most of each dollar goes to help complete their mission, but two organizations that understand what it means to help individuals and families.

MN Association for Injured Peace Officers

"Our all-volunteer association is comprised of many licensed and retired Minnesota officers including officers injured on-duty who have retired due to disabling injuries, officers injured on-duty who have returned to work, and officers who have not been injured but believe that injured officers and their families deserve the best assistance possible, and as a profession "we need to help our own."

The Minnesota Association for Injured Peace Officers is a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization."

and the National Alliance for Mental Illness (with an outstanding location here in R0chester at NAMI SEMN). 

Our staff and volunteers are comprised of people with mental illness, family members, and professionals. We offer critical education, advocacy, and support programs in the community at no charge to support the individual, their loved ones, and the mental health care system.

"This is Sydney’s 10th year of handing out flags in remembrance of her father. Thank you and great work, Sydney."

Love love LOVE finding stories like these...it just highlights how much good there is in this world, how much value there is in hope.

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