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I'm not kidding you, every Thursdays Downtown we walk 28,200 steps!

There are only three more Thursdays Downtowns left...today, and the next two Thursdays in Downtown Rochester. The music, the food, the shopping...and so many of your neighbors out having a great time.

The people of the Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) that put it on are there every week making sure everything runs smoothly, but good luck finding 'em. Not because they're hiding...no no. Because they are constantly in motion.

James Rabe and Katie Adelman (James Rabe)
James Rabe and Katie Adelman (James Rabe)

How in motion are they? Today Katie Adelman, Director of content & communicationstold for the RDA told me, "Thursdays Downtown staff on an average day we take 28,200 steps." Click play to be blown away.

Later, Katie told me the whole staff was out to work the first Thursdays Downtown. That's five people, each walking about 28,000 steps. Usually, though, it's only three people.

If you crunch the numbers, you'll find two people walking about 28,000 steps roughly equal to a marathon. This means three people walking that many steps is a marathon and a half. Every Thursday until September 9th. That's over 280,000 steps...per person! What's that work out to?

The Calculator Site - click for link.
The Calculator Site - click for link.

How Far Is 28,000 Steps From Downtown Rochester?

Every Thursday, each member of the Rochester Downtown Alliance staff walks just over 28,000 steps. From the office to the event, up and down First Avenue, and chatting with you and all the vendors. That's a lot of steps...in fact, for every two employees walking that distance, they're walking a marathon!

That got me wondering...just how far IS 28,000 steps. These are the answers (with the calculator set for a 5' 9'' woman).

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