You know that summer is just around the corner when this Southeast Minnesota location opens up!  And, lucky for everyone in Rochester, today IS that day.

One of Rochester's Iconic Businesses is Open Again For The Season

My drive to the Townsquare Media radio stations every day is right down Broadway.  And every day, I've been glancing to the side to see if the boards are still up at the Dairy Queen on Broadway.


On my drive this morning, I noticed that the big, white boards were off the windows of Dairy Queen.  That means one thing, opening day was coming soon.  I just didn't realize how soon that would be.

"We're excited to announce that we are now officially OPEN!  Thank you so much for your patience and patronage.  Hope to see you all soon!"

The boards are off, the ice cream cones are being dipped, and the open sign is on!  If you want to stop by for an ice cream cone or a Blizzard, you can find this Dairy Queen at 538 North Broadway Ave. in Rochester, Minnesota.  (Get Directions Here)

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