It began at Children's Minnesota, and its come full circle. A young girl's cancer came and went, and almost 20 years later, so inspired by her time dealing with cancer, she's back as a doctor! Her name is Dr. Jen Pratt, and she was 11 when the doctor told her she had a cancerous lump in her knee. There would be a surgery, and then a year of chemo, and then...she'd grow up, healthy, strong, cancer free. What came next is said to be a surprise to only those that haven't met Dr. Pratt.

CREDIT: Children's Minnesota

Next came college and medical school. Then, a return to Children's Minnesota in St Paul. But not as a patient, as a doctor, working with some of the same nurses helping the 11-year-old future medico.

How does an 11-year-old cope with chemo? Kid Jen made a wish. Literally. According to WCCO-TV, Jen was granted a wish by Make-A-Wish Minnesota, she would be going to Disney.  So she counted down the chemo visits, know that each one done, was one step closer to going to Disney!

That's one of the reasons I love Make-A-Wish Minnesotait's hard at any age to deal with medical stuff, but kids should be out playing, having fun, learning at school, breaking know, kid stuff. And granting a wish to a child, well, it's a cliche, but it's true. It gives them more than something to look forward to. it gives them something to think and dream about.

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CREDIT: WCCO (click to watch the video)

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