An exciting announcement showed up on social media on Tuesday, December 19th for everyone in the Rochester, Minnesota area.  The space that we know as "The Avalon" is turning into "the swankiest venue this city has seen".

Where is The Avalon in Rochester, Minnesota?

When I first heard the big news for the space called The Avalon, I was scratching my head for a bit because I knew that I've seen this place.  I finally had an a-ha moment when I realized The Avalon was on Broadway near Hollandberry Pannekoeken at 301 N. Broadway Avenue.  This is a building I drive by every day...twice!


We Now Know What Is Going In The Old Chez Bojji Restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota

I was intrigued a few days ago by a post that The Tap House West End posted.  They were giving little puzzle clues for a big announcement.  I thought that maybe they were releasing a new menu item, drink for the holidays, or some new event that might happen in the summer.  My guesses were way off!

Earlier today, The Tap House West End announced the huge news:


They say patience is a virtue....
Christmas came early for us- Last week we became the property owners to 301 N Broadway Ave. The gorgeous, historic brick building known in town as The Avalon. Built in 1919, we plan on "leaning into" that era.
While second and third floor plans are are still unfolding (we will have some exciting news to share down the road) what we do know is the main level will be the swankiest venue this city has seen.
Welcome to: The Social at the Avalon! - The Tap House West End Facebook Page

When Did Chef Bojji Close in Rochester, Minnesota?

It was just a few months ago, in June, is when it was announced on Facebook that Chef Bojji was closing its restaurant at The Avalon.  If you missed the statement that was shared with fans of the restaurant, you can read the update here.

When Is The Social at the Avalon Opening in Rochester, Minnesota?

FYI, when I hear about an opening date, I'll share that news over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Give it a follow so you don't miss it!

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