There's a trend that I don't understand. If you can explain it, I'd really appreciate it. Why are so many parents live streaming/recording-then-posting stuff that used to be private? On People's Facebook page, I just watched a video posted by a mom while her son is traumatized by severe weather.


A lot of commenters said it was cute or precious. The first thing I think isn't how adorable it is. I think, "Why did the mom grab the camera and make a video for everyone to see?" What's the motivation? Helping the child? Hoping to go viral? If it's helping, I don't see how it does. And if it's to go viral, why is that even a thought when your kid needs you? Or maybe it's something else. Help me understand.

Also troubling are parents that post videos of their kids being punished. I don't mind the kid running to school video so much (my take here), but there are others I find troubling.

(NYP) But it’s not enough for a new wave of moms and dads taking discipline to another level entirely – driving over their children’s Xboxes, shaving their heads or throwing their Christmas presents on the fire, before uploading videos of the act online.

A lot of the punishments I see don't bug me. it's the shooting video and putting it online. Forever. Why do that? How much has discipline failed when you have to make sure everyone sees you punishing your kid? I've been told "it's more effective", but every parent saying that to me are also way excited about the number of views their videos get.

So here's the long and the short of it, if the people I've spoken to are like most people, it's being done to get attention, to make people laugh, and in some cases, bullying the kid. if you're excited by the views and clicks, then you should probably stop shooting and posting the videos.

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