There are some movies and shows that I watch with my kids that make me want to wear earplugs. When the kiddos were little it was a lot of Barney, Dora, and The Backyardigans. The songs. The dancing. The costumes…or whatever you call some of those things, too much and I got mommy burnout. I found one kid movie that I like and actually want to watch again! You will want to have a family movie night with this one!

It might be labeled as a kid movie and look like it is more for our little boys, but ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ is just plain hilarious. It came out in theaters in 2017 and features voices of Will Arnett, Rosario Dawson, Zach Galifianakis and Conan O’Brien. From the first moment it starts, you realize that this movie wasn’t made just for kids. Some adult out there is a creative genius and knew it was time to make a kids movie that parents can enjoy too.  I've got a trailer below for you to check out.

Others think it is great too! Check out this review on

This movie is an abs-olute (you'll get that joke after you see the movie)! It does everything a movie should do: let you escape from reality and just enjoy yourself.

The movie has jokes, action sequences, jabs at the live-action Batman movies and shows phenomenal voice-acting, beautiful animation (like its predecessor 'The Lego Movie' (qv), epic cameos, and most importantly a heartfelt message!

This movie is certainly fun for the entire family-containing jokes and entertainment that will apply to all ages at once!

What are you waiting for? See this movie!!!!!!

Take a look at the trailer and then grab some popcorn and have a movie night at your house!

What other movies would be great to watch as a family?  Join me over on my Facebook page and send me a comment or leave one below on the blog!

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