This summer, I am putting "Me" on the schedule.

That might seem like a general statement but I'm pretty sure that every mom out there gets what that means. Life is busy and somewhere in the middle of all the #momlife stuff — baseball games, camps, swimming lessons, getting kids to their jobs — I forgot that I was important too.

The goals that have been in my head, well, I finally put them down on paper and, like a lot of other 40-year-olds, that includes getting healthier. Getting healthier for me includes getting stronger. My body is a big 'ol mess of hip issues, exercise-induced asthma, and the most recent fun ... gallbladder surgery. I'm ready to get stronger but need a little help staying accountable and doing all of this safely — because, well, I've decided that I am important enough to spend a little time on me, too.

My first day...and the welcome was so nice! - Jessica Williams TSM Rochester

A few weeks ago, I took that first step when I walked into Orangetheory Fitness in Rochester. Going through that front door, all the nerves and negative thoughts showed up. These pop up at times when I try something new and basically yell at me. "You can't do this."  "Your hips don't even like to let you go for a walk, so how can you even do this?".

All of that went away pretty fast after I opened that door. I was immediately greeted with a "Hello!" by all of the staff. We talked about the challenges I have, and I also got a great tour and learned how a class works. The class info was pretty easy to understand - a 60-minute workout that incorporates your entire body. Probably the best thing that I learned, is that those 60 minutes would be used in a way that would maximize every single minute that I gave to "Me."

So, what's this workout all about? There are treadmills, a bike, rowing machines, and a large variety of strength training equipment that are used. Every workout is a little bit different.  As I spend those precious minutes on "Me", I actually can watch how I'm doing on the performance screens, which is so cool! I'm setting the pace for my workout, able to watch how I'm doing, and the entire time I can get help and guidance from the coaches in the room.

I'm adding my next workout to my schedule right now through the Orangetheory Fitness app, which then adds it to my calendar so I make sure that I take time for "Me" this summer and my goals.

Ready to make yourself a priority this summer too?  Try Orangetheory Fitness for free!  Right now they have a complimentary introductory workout that you can sign up for.  Get all the info at their website here or give them a call at 507-722-2683.

If you see me working hard on "Me" at Orangetheory Fitness, I'd love to grab a workout selfie with you!  What are you waiting for?  Grab that free workout now!  

Let me know when you are going to Orangetheory!  Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.

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