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It was just over two years ago the Downtown Rochester Days Inn was demolished (see story here), a relief to some, angering others. Two years later, real-estate records show Mayo Clinic now owns the property (the corner across from Victoria's and the Eisenberg/Methodist Mayo building).

The sale was finalized December 29, 2020 for $10,000,000 + something extra. That extra is something interesting. Part of the deal was that the former owners agreed to make an over $3.5 Million charitable donation to Mayo.

No word on what Mayo will do with the property in prime Rochester space. The last proposal for the space came in 2017, but fell through.

Hammes project rendering
Hammes project rendering

The proposal called for a 17-story mixed-use development, including a hotel, apartments, retail space and several hundred parking spaces in the DMC Heart of the City sub-district. Read More: Developer Withdraws Days Inn Project in Downtown Rochester 

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