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Because of action by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Mayo Clinic has reassigned money from Dole, Inc. away from research involving animal testing.

According to PETA,

 A box of mouse-shaped vegan chocolates is on the way from PETA to the Dole Food Company, which has directed the Mayo Clinic to ensure that the Dole Food Company Chair of Nutrition—which Dole has funded since 1990—no longer supports animal experiments.

This is the second time this year PETA has gone after an organization in Rochester. Back in January we reported about PETA going after Rochester Lincoln students over fish.

PETA sent a letter to the Lincoln school in Rochester over their use of Zebra fish in a vaping experiment. Lincoln is really big on science, so it was a surprise to no one when the results were released...but they were surprised when PETA stepped in. (Keep reading by clicking here.)


Just as I noted in January, PETA's press release starts off well. It's 100% legit to raise issues and try to bring about change. But just as in January, PETA goes further than they need to and enter into the world of misinformation in their latest press release...

“By requiring its nutrition chair at the Mayo Clinic to embrace superior, non-animal research methods, Dole can be certain that it’s funding the future of human nutrition science instead of cruel and worthless tests on animals.”

Cruel? Can't argue that. I would hate to be a mouse being studied at any medical facility. Worthless? Not so much. Stick with the facts, PETA.

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