PETA sent a letter to the Lincoln school in Rochester over their use of Zebra fish in a vaping experiment. Lincoln is really big on science, so it was a surprise to no one when the results were released...but they were surprised when PETA stepped in.

According to our story on January 9th, here's what was going on.

The article says the students used zebra fish for their experiment. They had the fish in a large tank. The students would drop-in vaping oil and track the progress of their fish. According to the article, zebra fish were used because out of all the animals that are used for testing, zebra fish show the effects of chemicals quicker.

What'd PETA have to say? On KIMT, a spokesperson said,

"This experiment teaches students a very dangerous lesson, the lesson there it teaches it's ok to experiment on and eventually kill an animal just because they are smaller than you or don't look like you and this is a very dangerous lesson."

Personal thoughts... ugh. If you're argument is strong, you don't need to resort to lies. The zebra fish were not chosen "because they are smaller" than the kids. The fish weren't selected because they "don't look like you."

There are legit scientific reasons  to select that fish. Totally cool not to like it, totally cool to call it out. Extremely cool to talk with your kids about the value of life, how we treat living beings, if we have a right to experiment on them, etc.

That's not what PETA is about, though. A quick Google search shows that.

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